July 14, 2021
By: Tracy Tierney

Food bank thanks you

The food bank has been one of our activities that we have been able to run effectively during the pandemic. As you know, the number of visitors has increased exponentially. On average we are seeing around 60 families per weekend, from all walks of life.

As lockdown eased over the past weeks we have been able to adjust how we run and are now able to allow visitors inside the church hall, although we are a long way off from serving tea and coffee as we did before the pandemic.

We would like to thank you, the parishioner, for always helping with donations. I am amazed at how much comes in our food bank box each week. Thank you so much! It is because of your support we are able to continue helping our community.

As always, if you come across anyone in need of our help in the community, please do not hesitate to contact your SVP Team and we will do our best to help.